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Big Jon for parts

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Looking for Big Jon parts.I need a new base that the boom mounts to.It is worn out making the boom tilt backwards.(worn out from catching to many fish Ha Ha)Switch cover broke and end pulley broke.Has any one ever replaced the end pulley ? Whats involved.The base is the main thing I need,everything else I can get from Big Jon. (older model with 4ft. Tilt up boom)Thanks

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Thanks Gezijamez I know of the Lord I think thats where I got my riggers from about 10 years ago.I thought I would try here first.I should just get new riggers but I have been out of work for a while and money is getting tight.If I trailer my boat to long Island again I think I'll take my riggers off they sure took a beating,but the blues and strippers sure were fun.

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