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taughannock Kayak Brown


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Best fish out of the Yak yet. For those that have tried, you know it's not an easy feat. Taken flat lining a rapala stickbait. I think they were on the feed bag before the storm, She tipped the scales at 10 lbs. on the button. 20 minute fight, awesome air show, no net, 6 lb. line = a great way to beat the winter blues.


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WOW......pretty fish..6 lb. test and no net.......amazing!!!!!!!!lol......fish is almost as big as your partner...Pics like this make me want to sell out down here and move to NY full time instead of the 6 months Im there now.....biggest brown I ever caught was right off the Boy Scout Camp.....Some real hogs in there....6 weeks more and I will be up there...Thanks everyone for all the posts............makes my winter go faster :)

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