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Name: Mike

Location: Schenectady, N.Y.

Home Port: Oswego, Port Ontario

Boat Name/Type: King and I IV / Fish-RIte

I fish for: Everything but Steelhead are preferred


I decided to join LOU today even though I haven't had a lake boat for a number of years. I have been the proud owner of two driftboats and currently fish out of my 18 foot Fish-Rite. I do manage to fish the lake early and late in the season before concentrating on the tribs. I'll post a report from my first brown trout trip in a couple of weeks.

I hope everone has a safe and productive season.

Good luck to all of you,


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The place that I usually launch from in Oswego is open all year with the exception of about a month during the coldest time when the pack ice prevents me from getting out. No need for any docks to be present for my boat. ;)

Stripers season is just around the corner. I start getting into the first waves of them by the 3rd week in April most years.

I have an old 5.5HP Evinrude that I use but I am looking for one with a longer shaft.


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