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this winter i have been making some musky baits and i reliezed i have never given the "pikie" style plugs their fair shot. i have made 6 in different lengths (7"-11") but was wondering what peoples experiences with them have been. i made them with the idea of trolling them. going old school making pikies... is it worth it? let me know, they look neat. what is your thought on the metal lip? will it attract fish or scare them away with that shine?

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I have a number of Creek Chub Pikie minnows that I still use for musky trolling. My favorite is the 6800 series jointed striper model. This one was called the "chubby pikie" by Art Lawton. Years ago the fishermen around Clayton and Cape Vincent would troll them with lead-core or wire line. The double jointed model (three body sections) was, and is still used by the guides out of Clayton.

The trick to using pikies is to get a nice "S" type swimming action out of them. I've had to experiment with different size hooks to get them balanced correctly.

Good luck with your project and see if you can post some pics.



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