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1974 Starcraft SS kicker motor


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I plan on adding a kicker to the above boat and have some concerns.

The main engine is a 1971 Evinrude 85 V4. I know it is old but the more hours I put on it the better it runs.

I will be adding a CMC (craigslist for $100 in 2008) tilt and trim to the 85 so the main engine will be off the transom. May/should I cheat the main outboard starboard to take into account the weight of the kicker. Doing this may also give me more clearance for the kicker possibly eliminating the need to use a auxiliary bracket.

Please let me know.

Thank you!


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I see your not getting a lot of input here,so i'll give you my 2 cents because that's what it is worth.I have had a boat that I put an auxiliary bracket on and now I have a boat I put the kicker on the transom.I like it better with the auxiliary bracket.I used a omc bracket and they are the best bracket I have seen and very user friendly.I use the easy steer and it worked better with the motors further apart.I don't know if the CMC bolts in the same holes as your old motor holes but you mite run into trouble moving your main engine over,with your steering,and would be worried about putting more holes near your old holes and weakening your transom it's an older boat.The boat I have now I put the kicker on the transom the person that had it before me must have had it on the transom also because it was scared up.That's one of the reasons I put it there after using the boat a couple of times I ran in from off shore and my kicker just about fell off the transom being a little rotted from people including me putting it on with the" death grip."I have it reinforced now but next winter I'll have to redo my transom and will be putting my OMC bracket back on.At least with a bracket you can put near the corner of the boat were it is stronger .I hate to make more holes but I think it's better.As far as off setting the weight I have always put kicker on the passenger side to offset it from my weight.Use your battery gas tank to get proper balance.Sorry for being so long winded.hopefully it will help.

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You won't be happy if the main engine isn't on the centerline of the boat. It would be easier to trim the boat by moving things around inside to compinsate for the kicker. I don't think they weigh that much anyway.

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