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Big Jon ratcheting rod holder.

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I had the pleasure of using a proto-type of the new Big Jon HDR in 2009. To say this rod holder is a home run is an understatement!!

The ratchet system works flawlessly and does not get loose or sloppy over time.

Also the challenge of removing the rod from the tube while it's being violated by a big King is all but gone now with the ability of simply lifting the rod into the vertical position and removing it.

Regarding a picture there is absolutely ZERO difference in appearance from the standard Heavy Duty rod holder.

Love it, great rod holder.

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Talk to Big Jon Rep at the Triple S show a month ago. And he told me that they were making rod holder kits with the new ratcheting system to upgrade the older models. The new kits would be around $30 he said. Don't know if they are out on the market yet. Try to make phone call today and find out. Dave-- LaRock's Outdoors

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