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Lake Erie ice


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Just talked to someone that works for the Power Authority... still over 1000sq miles of ice.. they were up flying yest for inspections... needs to be around 250sq miles before they start pulling it... these warm temps are def what we need.... the boom has to be pulled by april 15th regardless of sq mile of ice

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Should make things interesting this Spring. I can't remember seeing the lack of ice on Erie at this point in the last 6-8 years that I have been fishing the Bar. Time will tell boyz!

I seem to remember this happening maybe 5 or 6 years ago, NE winds pushed all the ice southwest into the warmer western basin and it melted there and never came back. I also seem to remember that year, whenver the fish started to spread out, we kept getting E and NE winds that pushed the warm water and fish back across the line into Canadian Waters :@


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