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Scotty Tournaments?


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Has any one got any info on the Scotty King of the Lake Tournaments yet? I checked the website and it looks like it is down. We plan on fishing the first one in St Catharines and I dont want to miss the registration date. Sean

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thank you for the interest


We are happy to have the website up and running and we are accepting entries.

The cut off for St. Catharines spring tourney is April 12th at noon.

The cut off for the Wilson event is april 26 at noon



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LOL I have to agree with you and Dex. However, Timmy's coffee is better. We are doing at least 3 of them. See you guys there.

BTW Vince, if you have to cross the Lake in a small boat this year again you can borrow my Bass Boat! Should take you about 15 minutes at 68mph. :lol:

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Spring Dalhousie last year I waited for like over 10 minutes for 2 items, and I was #2 in line when I walked in

The bag they put my items in looked like one of them little brown candy bags we use to get when we were kids and bought our $.01 candies

I don't even think they were moving at their own speed it was like sloooooooooo - moooooooooooooo

See everyone there !!!


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Glad it isn't me when it comes to Timmy Ho's on "the other side." For a minute, I thought I was just cranky before coffee (which is good there, Rich), but 10 minutes for a freakin' breakfast sandwich??!! Come on!!!!

See you boys in 3 weeks!! Dex

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Thanks Dave, great lil' message to read Easter morning. Don't be a HATER. You have to have nerves of steel, and the stomach for livin' on the edge to hang with us. ALWAYS pack 25hrs into 24hr, even if it is a Tourny day! BTW, we made it to my daughters graduation with FIVE minutes to spare. You know what I said? "Damn, poor clock management, coulda fished longer!"

Happy Easter to you and Jeannie, oh yeah, and Jessie. I have to get over there, she's probably missin' my pizza crusts.

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