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Amazing Eagle Sighting!


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I know I am in Ohio, and this doesn't relate to NY or Lake O fishing, but I gotta share this..

I fished the Vermilion River late this morning/early afternoon. The instan. value was higher 400's so the conditions weren't ideal. However I did manage to hook one steelhead.

But, the highlight was a Bald Eagle flying 20 feet above the river and 30 feet from me! It was unreal! I have seen Eagles before in a tree while on the river, but this guy was HUGE!! Beautiful white head following the bending river looking for fish I assume. There was another fisherman 100yds upstream I yelled out Eagle, Eagle.. I didn't care if i spooked every fish from me to him.. he saw it as well, he yelled and cheered.

Fishing was so/so, but seeing a wild Eagle that close was better than catching 10 #12lbers in my opinion. It was amazing!! I just wish I could have gotten a picture of him, However as soon as he appeared, 4 seconds later, he was gone. The past few years, I have been saying in 10-15 years people will think they are a nuisance, and wish there weren't so many but man... That sighting honestly made my day!

Makes me proud to be an American!!! :yes::yes::yes:

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