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Derby Report - Thurs and Fri

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Smoked EM! Well, that is if you like cohos.

5/10 - For 4 hours strait we smacked cohos fromthe surface down to 10'. We were looking for steel, but no luck. Ran into 4 salmon bites, and one of them was 22 and 3/4's 4-5 hours after sitting in the cooler!

5/11 - played with the cohos for about an hour and it wasn't fun, so i pulled those lines and loocked for the salmon. Had 7 bites landed 5. all 10-18lbs.

Hot lures this week so far are coyote 28's, chicken wings, and anything green. No real fly bite yet ;( .

Sitting in the harbor at the moment burnt as heck, and soar from fishing the last teo days! I wake up to a good ol' north east blow!

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The Salmon in the area I was fishing were DEEP. They were laying on the bottom in 200-250. They would streak up to your lure when you passed a hungry one. The Cohos are all over the top, and if you target them you wont be able to keep them off your lines. All my Kings Thursday and Friday came 100-125 down. These fish are too deep for core.

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