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Got the boat in the water and after Hank, L&M, replaced the seals on my prop shaft she ran just as happy as could be.

Thanks again Hank... :yes:

It was worth pulling the boat out to Port Bay to get it done. Hanks not only a good guy but he really knows his business.

On Saturday we fished for about 6 hours. Really tough conditions for Browns with crystal clear water and very little bait in the Bay.

We managed 9 bites with 6 in the boat but really had to work for um. 50/50 spoons and sticks. Numbers were below average but the quaility was nice for early season fish. Had Richard Bullen from the board and his brother working the rods.

Couple good guys to fish with and we had a good time with some good laughs inbetween bites.

Capt. Randy from Hit or Miss charters was along to keep an eye on us.

Also demonstrated his picture taking ability and gave us the finer points of rubber band releases. LOL

See ya soon Randy.

Sunday was a short morning trip and I decided to go the opposite direction to see if I could locate the numbers and it just didn't happen.

Two fish for our efforts Sunday morning both off the sticks.

Heres a picture of a few Browns from Sat.

Back at um next weekend.

Richard and his brother.


Richard with a nice fish.



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Nice job Glenn, I saw you go out of the shoot on saturday, I was the other way, just in close with the Drift boat. Took one slob and lost another one as big. We need runoff BAD!!!! See you out there.


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:rofl: Yes we had a discussion on the rubber band thing Hank.... :rofl:

They work good if your on the highway and you got to piss.

Other than that I just don't see a use for them on my boat. :rofl:

Clarke the surface temps were 38 to 42. That NW wind had a bit of a bite to it but beautiful weather for this time of year.

Not sure but I might of had a couple tender foots onboard. :rofl:

Crystal clear water everywhere we fished with bottom visable to 20 fow.


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