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1984 4-cycle Honda, won't idle.

Jolly II

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Made out on the lake in the little boat this weekend. I have an '84 honda 4-cycle 10 horse. My Dad bought it new, and we've been using it on the little boat, and as a trolling motor on the big boat since.

Ran a little rough on Saturday. Hard to start and keep running. I did get it running ok once it warmed up, but did not want to idle. It will run at a trolling speed, but trying to troll slower with the waves on Saturday proved to be a pain in the but. Quit on me twice before I gave in and just trolled at 3mph.

That afternoon I pulled all the fuel filters off, checked and cleaned them. I dumped out the gas form last December. There was a little junk, and some water in the tank. Rinsed that out with fresh gas several times, and then filled it with fresh gas. Ran the motor in the driveway in a garbage can. Seemed to run better, and idled down a little more, but still dies.

This week I'm planning on replacing the spark plugs, and probably the timing belt. I think the timing belt is original to the motor, I'm sure replacing this is just good preventative maintenance anyway.

Any of you guys have any thoughts on this. Something to check??? maybe replace???

Any input would help. Thanks!

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I think you've got the right idea. If those don't seem to work then it's time to look at a carb rebuild. Good chance that the plugs are just shot. My moto is plugs are cheep, getting stuck on the lake 'aint. I always change the plugs fist thing when the boat comes out, no mater of 2 or 4 stroke. I'd hold off on the timing belt(yes it is good PM), but with my experience with other Honda engines, either it's in time or it's out. There's no in-between, and if it's out then they don't start easy at all.

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