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Pay Every Day Derby


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if i understand it correctly.... each species has a minimum for entry... for EXAMPLE if brown trout have a 10# minimum and lake trout have a 20# minimum

a 12# brown is entered.... that weighs 2 #'s more than the minimum SO now you need a laker that weighs 2.1 #'s more than the minimum to be in the lead

HOPE this helps and is correct

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The following is from the payeverydayderby: http://www.payeverydayderby.com/index.php

"#6. Agrees that the minimum weight of a salmon, brown trout, lake trout or rainbow(steelhead) trout for entry in the derby must be a minimum twenty (20) pounds from 5/1 until 6/1, must be a minimum of twenty three(23) pounds from 6/1 until 7/15, must be a minimum(26) twenty six pounds from 7/15 until 8/15 and (28) twenty eight pounds from 8/16 until 9/6. The prize will be paid out each day for the single largest fish. In the event an eligible fish is not weighed in on a given day, the prize money will be carried forward until a qualifying fish is caught and weighed in. "

I think you were referring to the LOC $1150 a day boat derby http://www.loc.org/which states:

"This is the prize structure: $575 a day for the largest salmon and $575 a day for the largest trout, one winning fish per day per boat. Salmon minimum weight would be 20 lbs, Lake trout 15 lbs, Rainbow steelhead 13 lbs and brown trout 10 lbs. This way all trout will be competitive. For example: If a 12 lb brown trout were entered, it would take a 17.01 lake trout to beat it."

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