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depth raider antenna for scottie auto stops

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my auto stops finnally broke the anntenna for the depth raider here is my fix... lenght of electric fence wire apx. 24" , 3" of 2 1/2" pvc pipe, 3" of 2"x2" treated lumber, two part epoxy cement, a roll of electrical tape.... wrap wire around outside of pvc pipe then take formed coil and insert into inside of pvc pipe, two small holes one on each end of pipe is were the tag ends of wire are placed to hold in place. one tag is cut flush with outside of pipe the other end is left long so the remainder of the depth raider antennna can be connected to it. mix two part epox and glue the coil tp the pvc.(i used two stripes 180deg. apart) place 2x2 on the rigger boom and mark the angle witch is created by the rigger cable going to the reel of the rigger. cut this angle then glue the "new" antenna to this block of wood. remove probe and route the rigger cable thru the antenna and secure it to the boom with many wraps of electrical tape. replace probe. attach raider antenna to the long tag of the "new" antenna by twisting and soldering then taping the connection. this worked well for me as i did not lose the signal with 190' of cable out. this may sound like a lot of work but the auto stop feature is well worth the effort in my book! now if i can get the pics to transfer.....








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