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Olcott Pen Rearing Project

Tim Bromund

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SAT. APRIL 10 9:00 AM


Once again it's time to put the pens in for the lotsa olcott pen project.

This year is going to be the most exciting so far !!!

We will be putting in all four pens to hold our 67,100 chinook and 3,500 steelhead so bring a friend and meet a bunch of interesting people. "don't forget your clippers for the wire ties"

This year will mark the first of five years, of one of the most comprehensive studies on chinook salmon ever undertaken in the great lakes.

All 67,100 salmon in the pens will have a coded wire tag in their nose, as will all 67,100 direct stock chinook salmon in 18 mile creek.

All our chinook, both for the pens and for direct stock will be marked with separate coded wire tags for the next three years.

We hope this will lead to some very valuable information, not only on return to stream but also from an open lake component of this study.

All pen projects through New York waters of Lake Ontario will be tagged, as will the corresponding direct stock fish. I believe ths same is true of Canadian stocked Chinooks.

All pen projects and direct stock locations will have different lots of coded wire tags to help the DEC better understand chinook movement and returns. This project is made possible through the DEC's purchase of the new marking trailer with occidental chemical remedial money, . The DEC should be applauded for this incredible study and all the work and planning it entails.

Also don't forget that for the last two years this trailer has clipped the adipose fin (top back fin) on "all" stocked chinook salmon going into lake ontario both here in New York and Canada. Thus we are reaching the point where we will be able to tell stocked chinook from naturally reproduced chinook. This will continue to get more interesting for the next couple of years and then all chinook in the lake will be marked. So any fish under two years old you catch with an adipose fin now is a naturally reproduced fish those without are stocked chinook.


Look Forward To Seeing You All Saturday April 10th At 9:00 Am The Newfane Town Marina In Olcott.

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Fantastic. What an amazing job that is to clip all those fins and add a nose tag to every fish. Hat's off to the DEC for this incredible undertaking.... AND hat's off to all the volunteers that help to make this pen rearing possible. :yes::yes::yes:

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Took a little effort with the low water, but the pens are in their homes. Many thanks to all those that came out to help.



Babies are being delivered on Wednesday April 12 at 1:00 and we'll be looking for volunteers to come on out and feed the fish.

To sign up to feed the babies, please go the the LOTSA website at www.lotsa.org



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