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Trib conditions question

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Not looking for specifics or anything but can anyone tell me how the trib water conditions are in the Ithaca area??? It looked like they got more rain yesterday that we did here in the big flats area. Planning on hitting the Inlet and just dont want to show up and see it blown and mud!!! Also has anyone been by the fish ladder lately to see what they have counted so far??? I was there a few weeks ago and it didnt look like they had started letting fish by yet.

Anyway, send a PM if you would rather, but I appreciate any help I could get!!!


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Thanks alot guys!!! I hope you are right RR as to the water but not the fish. I think we are going to start there in the morning anyway and if it is too high move some where else, maybe even go after some stockies. It is April 1 and it is tradition to hit a finger trib. Hope to see you out there some day RR. If you see a few goons sitting in a parking lot having a few beers and grilling some dogs, stop by and say hello!!!

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