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Copper Backing


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Might be stupid but do you really need 300 yds. of 50# Power Pro as backing? Can you go with less 500-600 ft. to put more copper line on a reel. Finally breaking down and trying it but I hate the idea of 3.25:1 gear ratio on the Penn 345 GTI. Anyone run the new Diawa Saltist reels for copper. I know they'll only hold 300-350 ft. of 45# copper with 300 yds of backing, but I like the 6.4:1 gear ratio better.



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I'm sure you can get away with 500-600' of backing. We had a king almost spool our 500 copper last year at the Sodus Pro-Am. That has 300 yards of 50# PP. We thumbed him and the line ended up breaking. Those fish were viscous that week, but in that situation we needed that backing.

As for the Saltist.....you can only get a max of about 350 on the 50 size. We have 50's for our 10 colors and our 300 coppers. If your looking for a 300 copper reel you cant go wrong. 400 copper and above look to the Tekota or the Penn. Those Saltist drags are VERY good! You will enjoy them, and the gear ratio will make copper fishing enjoyable.

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Okuma now has 6.2:1 gear ratios in the Clarion line which is 25 to 65 dollars cheaper then the Diawa's. They can also upgrade now any 45 to 55 you own to the same gear ratio. :beer::beer:

If you dont like the drags you can have the tourney drags installed. I just sent out my own 45's and 55's to have the ratios changed and drags put in for less 60.00 bucks each and that includes shipping both ways. You can purchase a new 45 for 69.00 and have 60 dollars worth of upgrades and still be cheaper then a new Diawa. Okuma has responded to the market in a big way!!!! ;)

Wont be long now!!!!!!

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