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Sandy Creek Boat Launch Docks


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I fished there on Sunday morning in my little green boat. The lake is really low.

I'm hoping to get a shake down trip this weekend in my 21' sportcraft, but there is not a lot room to the end of the dock. It might be pretty tricky.

This is my first year to fish out of Sandy Creek and not real familiar with the boat ramp. Where does the concrete ramp end?? I know some of you guys launch there with bigger boats than mine, just wondering what the hazards are with the low water before I try it.

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you should be fine. The water is about 2.5' low but its still more water than we usually have in late august and September. Another option is to launch at sandy creek marina (first marina south of the parkway). He will charge you a launch fee but it gives you another option.

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Thanks Legacy. I drive by that marina on my way to the state launch, it might be worth the launch fee to go there and avoid some of the mid-day summer crouds at the public launch.

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