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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Capt Jim




Date(s): 4/1/10

Time on Water: 4hrs


Wind Speed/Direction: Negligible

Waves: 0

Surface Temp:

Location: Lake Ontario





Total Hits: 4

Total Boated: 3

Species Breakdown: Brown Trout

Hot Lure: Orange stick bait

Trolling Speed: 2

Down Speed: N/A

Boat Depth: 8-12

Lure Depth: 0-5



Slow action. Started at Oklahoma Beach and headed east to Shipbuilders. 4 hits total. Three on orange colored stick baits and one on brown stick bait. Boated 3 - nice sized ones. Talked to many of the boats, they seemed to be slow as well. Tried spoons and a fly - no hits on those. Orange appeared to be the color of choice. My boat mate needs to learn how to use a camera.



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Hey it's one thing to not reveal your location, but another to have a fishing buddy that wants to remember your bellybutton & not your face. (We know what your 1st mate thinks of you) :lol::lol:

BTW - nice fish

Tom B.


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