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april 1st catch


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i took to guys out today for a fun fishing trip we ended up going 12 for 15..... in about 5 hr trolling.....got a chance to try the whoopie goldburg fly, and we bang 2 landlocks and 1 laker off the bat....to bad there is only 3 guys in the whole world who has this fly....no spoon bite all flasher and fly....proctologist, goat pecker. fruity frostcycle, and yellow killer....ill be back out in the morning if anybody out give me a shout on 68..

i know when i left final flight rolled past me with doubles.... he was on the fish also....

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Way to go Jason :clap: You know, Big Weenie is really giving me a hard time over that fly :) He told me if anyone ever stole my boat, the only thing I'd find at the dock was the Whoopie Goldberg flies....even a thief wouldn't want them :rofl: Thank you for proving the fish like them Jason (That was the point, after all). Thanks a TON for making them for us BW :yes: I think you'll be hearing that name all year long :lol:

I'll bring a few more up on Saturday for ya Jason.....I need to give Rollie a couple also. I only have 30, and BW says I better make them last forever :lol: Hope ya got everything straightened out & I look forward to seeing ya Saturday :yes::beer:

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