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New life jacket law

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I don't know how I made it almost to 50 without this law. Thank god the government probably saved me from myself. Hopefully they will pass more legislation before I get killed crossing the steet to get my mail, without wearing an orange vest.

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now, now, where would we be without all our stupid laws? I wish you didn't say that about the orange vests that will drive the price up when we need to buy them. also the leg. won't pass to many laws for a while they are hard at work on the state buget & are only at work no more than 12 days a month!! lol

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If the state was really interested in saving lives they would make PFD's mandatory

during the warm water season, when 80% of the drownings occur.

That said, I put my Mustang flotation suit on any time the water is colder than 50 deg.

Just about the same time the law does.

Not only does it float it's very warm.

http://www.mustangsurvival.com/products ... 287&mc=109

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