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Cannon Downrigger short stop

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I just got a new to me pair of electric marlin downriggers with short stop. The short stop on one of the downriggers works fine if you are only down 5-10 feet. When you put the downrigger down any farther than that it comes up so quick that when it engages the short stop there is just enough delay that it jams the terminator into the weight retriever/ pulley. It does engage the short stop each time just not soon enough that by the time it stops it gets jammed. Any recommendations on fixing this? The downrigger at the pulley is about 30 inches from the waterline (Starcraft islander).

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There is an insulator that comes with cannon riggers that breaks the ground when it comes out of the water. Sometimes you need one or two, sometimes none. It is a plastic piece, oblong with a hole near each end. It goes between your weight and swivel.

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