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Niagara County Pro-Am Who's going?

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Just a thought as i'm sitting here reading these reports of how the fish are still working towards Wilson and Olcott from Ontario. To those who are familiar with the area - how good should the fishing be for the Pro-Am that week?

Are you fishing the Pro-am?

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The fishing should be great! With things delayed by all the ice coming down the Niagara the fishing should be really hot. I said "should". Nature has a way of catching up when she lags behind on things. Did you notice the leaves popping all at once? The fish could do the same thing---a couple of weeks of hot fishing and then right to transition. Who knows? The only thing I know for sure is it will be fun as always!

While we're on the subject you should give some thought to fishing the Orleans County ProAm the week before. It will give you a chance to prefish for Niagara (which you should do anyway) and it will also allow you to qualify for the Western Challenge Cup. Oak Orchard is the perfect port for a tournament like this and the timing couldn't be more perfect with Niagara one week later. You can fish one while prefishing the other.

The mail in deadline is May 18th and you can also pay via Paypal by visiting the website: www.lakeontarioproam.com

Either way....I'll see ya at the Captain's meeting!

Good luck!


Free Spirit

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If I can talk my girlfriend into taking a ride to the Oak on Sun. the 27th I hope to see some of you guys at the weigh-in . Good luck to all who enter.

Umm, I forgot to ask, what marina will the weigh-in be at? :$

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Hey Chris,

I'm headed down that way tomorrow and will stay until after the Olcott Pro/am. I will be in the Olcott Town Marina. I will stay in Oak Orchard for there Pro/am for a few days.

Paul is right on the fishing should be great but only mother nature knows for sure.

Stop by and see us if you are going to fish the events. I think Jeff (Miss-Em) will be with us at the Oak.


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Hey Dave,

I am definitely fishing the niagara

might try to weasel my way into the oak orchard one

we will be staying at the Wilson Marina

Will do- pm your number and we'll try to track you down that weekend of the niagara pro-am

Hope all is well!

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Team Double Play II will be at Orleans and Niagara Pro-Ams. Just a reminder there is a $10,000 money raffle that helps support the Pro-Am series and some of the fishing enhancement projects along Lake Ontario! Tickets are available at all Pro-Ams. Each port has their share of tickets. There are 20 cash prizes, minimum $100 to top prize of $4000!! Plus there are 5 mystery prizes!! Drawing will be held at Wayne County Pro-Am July 15th 2007 If interested contact me at [email protected] or 716-870-0588

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sounds good- looking forward to putting some faces with names.

i feel eveyone should wear a name tag with their

LOU call name~ (if its not the name of your boat)

Look forward to possibly meeting you guys out that way

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