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Finally came up with a set up that will keep the flys out of the way but easily accessible. Its a variation of something I had previously. Its three 5' lengths of 3/8" threaded rod held in place under the hard top with pipe straps. On the center rod there are heavy rubber bands (hope they hold up?). The hooks are on the outside rods and the rubber bands grab a snap that i have on all the leaders. Now i can see all of Toms flys for easy selection. Still need more space though :(



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Nice Pete :yes: You can see the leader lengths too ;) threads keep the hooks in place so they don't slide around. Wish I had room under my hard top, I would do exactly that :yes: Plastic boxes is all I got and now I am playing a circus act juggling them all around looking for the specific bait.


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The nice thing is those bands will never rot or break at just the right moment..ya might wanna consider replacing hook wire with 1/2 in pvc and put on some pipe insulation to hold the hook in case of "rubber" failure we all know of someone who got in deep dodo due to "rubber failure"...at your age you dont need any surprises..

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