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swimin back at cayuta

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Took out an old friend I hadn't seen in a while, and aparently he hasn't learned much about boating since we last hung out. Started the day looking for crappie but only found pickeral, so we started throwing spinners and killed the bass and slime darts. It was pretty windy so it was a 2 anchor day. I could tell he was nervous all day , and at dark I had him pull the forward anchor an over we went. We lost one oar, 2 tackle boxes , his rod, 1 life jacket, and my coat. You should have seen the looks on the bullheaders when we came swimin into the light of there lanterns. I guess the lesson here is be careful who you let on your boat. We are both fine, and the water wasn't bad. :lol:

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One of my brothers is notorious for going overboard just about every year up on the river. If not him, then at least one of his rods. Last year, I took an old Zebco rod, glued styrofoam packing peanuts all over it and presented it to him at the campfire. Can't fish with it, but at least it floats! Doesn't matter, he can't fish anyway. :lol:

He's also one of these guys that hangs over the gunwales when you're coming in to dock the boat so he can grab the dock, thinking this is helpful. I think I have docked a boat about fifty thousand times. Still, he wants to help. Two years ago, as I was bringing the big Grady in at Wellesley, he leaned over and just disappeared over the edge. I'm now just about in the slip, and he's down in the water somewhere between the boat and the dock. That was a little scary. I could not see him, and did not know if he might have hit his head or something and was laying in the water. Fortunately, he was OK, but boy, you do have to give extra guidance to some passengers on your boat.

You're a good sport Captain. :yes: Sometimes, we just have to do this stuff. Glad you and your crew made it back to tell the tale.

Stay Sharp, Be Safe


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I too have had similar experience. I love bowfishing for carp and took justin with me on two ocassions last year. not to point fingers :lol: but I had never flipped my canoe.( it is 16 ft and 4ft wide) We manage to flip it twice that week. The worst part was we ruined the wifes camcorder less than week before our wedding. :(

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