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New Tackle Shop In Oswego

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Screwy Louie's Sport Shop in Fair Haven is opening a second store in Oswego. It will be located at 39 East First Street at the corner of East First and Cayuga. We will be carrying a full line of Lake Ontario trout and salmon tackle, rods, reels, downrigger releases, etc. We will also have live bait and everything for the bass and river anglers. This new store will be a drop off location for Cannon downrigger repairs as well.

We will be opening no later than APRIL 23rd. Please stop in and see us!

Brendan and Kristal Shambo

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we will be selling derby tickets for the LOC and 1000 a day. unfortunately the state is not giving out anymore terminals for licensing at the moment, not sure why but it shouldnt be too long before they are up and running. Store hours for the spring will be 6am til 7pm, but probably 5am to 8am for the derby.


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Brendan; I see you are getting alot of postive feedback on your new store opening. I just want remind all of us the Anglers to support the local tackle shops accross the lake they are the ones who have made the history of fishing the lakes and the tournments. they are the ones who truly support the fisheries and the sport of Lake Ontario. They are also the ones who help solves problems with equipment, gives us the information for the fishing(where the bites are at). ANGLERS remember the local tackle shops lake wide. Good luck!!!!

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