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Stickbaits -- rapalas, AC shiners, etc.

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Group one: 18 floating #13s, 10 new in box, 8 assorted. $70 shipped.


Group two: 18 assorted AC shiners, SOLD thanks lyteline


Group three: 27 #9 and #11 jointed rapala. Mostly new. $100 shipped.


Group four: 12 #7 jointed rapala Sold Thanks Fishinman


Group five: 5 rebel fast tracks and 2 yo-zuri. $25 shipped.


Group six: 5 #11 assorted floaters and 5 #11 assorted husky jerks. $45 shipped.


Group seven: 31 assorted #5 and #7 floaters, countdowns and husky jerks. Mostly new. $80 shipped. SOLD THANKS RB

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