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10"Amma Bamma crankbait-sale

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Thanks to chad he has allowed me to post this listing in our forum.I have been selling a bunch of musky baits over on ebay(they`re gone) and made mention that i was giving a %`age to Larrys bait fund.Well one of my buyers(and whom i`ve bought from in the past -spacdja)sent me a brand new Amma Bamma 10" crankbait to sell on Ebay with the proceeds to go to capt.Larry(100% of the sale,with free shipping).So i invite you to visit the musky/muskie lures section and do some bidding.Go in on it with a friend or your partner-remember where the money is going!!I just listed it a few minutes ago(solgrande)This is a great bait and well made.If it was`nt i would not have went and bought one for myself :)

Keep in mind that this is a donated bait from someone(Sandy) outside of ny(MI) willing to help out the muskies of newyork state!!!

Thank you Chad

Thanks and good luck with the muskies this year

Bob S(sol)

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nice- now nitro has to bid at least $49.99! he's rich- come on nitro, its an amma bamma. no excuses nitro! the family can go w/o groceries for a week can't they? i am sure they will understand if you want to bid even more.

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Many thanks to Bob for running the 10" Amma Bama Crankbait Sale on eBay,Sandy(spacdja) for donating the crankbait,for all that bid and to Dr. Dave Palo of Erie,PA who bid $81.00 to Win!The Bait Fish Fund is getting close to $4000,but we still need to raise $2000+ more to reach our goal of $6000 to feed all the muskie fry at Prendergast Hatchery extra Fathead Minnows for the whole time they are in the outside ponds,extra growth before stocking!

Thanks, Capt. Larry D. Jones

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