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Meat Rig Questions

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Never tried to fish with meat before, but want to use whole smelt this year to see what happens. Looking for help selecting appropriate brand(s) and size rigs for 4-8 in. smelt, how to rig properly, trolling speed, effectiveness.

Know these are a lot of questions, but reading posts and manufacturers sites has confused me a lot. Do whole baits require different set-ups from cut bait? Do I want the bait to roll constantly or flip like an uncentered cam wheel? Are there meat heads that produce the proper action without fine tuning the bait with hook placement? Are treble hooks better than single hooks? Does anyone pull whole smelt as bait, if so, how effective is it?

Thanks for your help with these questions.


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I often use live shad in the 4 to 6 inch range in the Finger Lakes.I buy them at the "Beverage Baron" in Penn Yan. The way I rig them is very simple.I set a small single hook through the lower and upper jaw. This one tows the bait.The second hook (a treble)goes right behind the tail fin.It does not penetrate the bait fish,instead it is held in place by a rubber band that holds the line.The band is placed just ahead of the tail fin.

Now the hooks are placed so the fish will get hooked in the same way it gets hooked by a lure and there is no hook swallowing like you would have with hooks that are buried in meat or cut bait.

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Here's a video of our Meat Rigs in action (first video down on the homepage). http://www.bigweeniebrand.com

Feel free to call anytime (even Sundays) if you have more questions on running meat. Our rigs are tournament tied with Owner hooks, silicone skirts for more action and instructions on each package how to rig your bait.

We are a site sponsor with a clickable link at the top of the LOU page as well.



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