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4/18 - Irondequoit/Genesee River

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Yesterday's weather was miserable! Todays weather was tolerable. However, the 1-3' waves out of the North West put some rock and roll into our lures. Unlike yesterday, todays fish wanted more natural looking baits. Yesterday they wanted Chartreuse and Orange Rapalas, and today they wanted Black/Silver and Black/Gold Rapala J11's. The water was 49 degrees when we started fishing and warmed up to 51 by the days end. We did manage to find 55 degree water off the Genesee river at one point. The bite for us today was mainly off the mouth of the Genesee River, but we did hit 3 or 4 on the troll down and back from Irondequoit Bay. There was a good school of Cohos hanging in the warmer dirty water right off the Summerville Pier. Every pass yielded a fish or two. Today was mostly a Coho bite with 2 Brown Trout mixed in. One of those Browns was a real Beauty!


That Brown Trout took a Stinger Stingray Mixed Veggies 50 back down 4' on the corner rigger. We had just come out of the deep side of the Genesee River plume. That smile tells it all! On the boards the lines set back 150' took more shots than the lines set back 125's on the other side. We kept our down speed between 2.0 and 2.4mph for most of the day.

These last few days of Brown Trout Fishing has been FUN, and we love to fish for them during this time of year, but next weekend we will be moving on to Port Delhousie, in Canada, for our first tournament of the year.

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