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WTB: Fish Hawk 840 Transducer

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whats everyone doing with there old ones .. :shock: just currious i have cannon riggers and a couple times i forgot to remove weights for long road trip and my cables snapped from weight swiging on the hooks i even remove weights for long boat runs now , what kinda riggers are ya using if the cable snaped?????

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Ray when my boat runs out of gas i buy a new one.

I purchased a fish hawk and the old owner sold his boat with the

transducer still on the transom. I just ordred a new one from

Fish Hawk Electronics. $140. There phone is 815 363 0929 :P

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oopppps i was not thinking,, :$:$ down probe thingie ,,,,,,,,,,if my wife gets a flat she wants to buy 4 new tires like the new ones cant go flat ,, some times if i loose a fish i thrwo the whole darn pole in the water i dont have a anger problem but it really ticks me off to have to go to anger managment class twice a week :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :devil::devil::devil:

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