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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water: 7:00- 8:30


Wind Speed/Direction: NW and blowing

Waves: 2-3

Surface Temp: 45

Location: Wilson





Total Hits: 4

Total Boated:4

Species Breakdown: 3 Brown 1 steel

Hot Lure: Rapala

Trolling Speed: 2

Down Speed: 2

Boat Depth: 7ft

Lure Depth:




Last night, the wind was suppose to be less then 10 and out of the SW. When I woke, it was 15 out of the NW. The ride was a little bumpy and we only fished for about an hour. The friend that I took out, left his breakfast sandwich and Gatorade on the lake floor. I decided to turn around and head home. We were only about 1/2 mile from the pier heads. Great day for the fish. Here is a picture of the biggest, the rest were nice healthy 4-5 lbers.


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Tell your buddy to take Bonine the day before you go out and then take another one when he wakes up the day of trip.

This works for me, uh I mean a friend of mine... even if you don't know if it will be rough, it is good insurance so you can stay out and he can still have fun. Taking it when you step on the boat in the morning is not not soon enough. Trust me.

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drugstores, wegman's, tops, they all should have it, it won't make you as drowsy Dramamine

I concur. Bonine made a BIG difference compared to Dramamine last ocean trip I made. My fishing partner took Dramamine, I took Bonine. He took several naps, I was wired for sound!!

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This stuff works too!..and you can put it to use even after the queezy stuff starts. My son is always ERCKY..on his first days on the water and this did help him almost immediately. within five minutes he was much better and then was able to take the rest of the day. I have used it too...one day on 6 foot swells, I dropped my plastic box of swivels, snaps, rubber bands, trolling sinkers and all sorts of trinkets all over the deck. After crawling around down there doing 1000 pickup, I was getting green around the gills. Rubbed this stuff right behind the ear lobes in the soft fleshy spot and I was cured. All natural and works on the spot if need be.


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Back at it again today. Ended up going 3-4 all browns, all released. Went out with someone else today but could only fish for about 2.5 hours. The water was clearer then yesterday and a little warmer. On the water we saw four or five white garbage bags suspended under the surface waiting for someone to run over them and snag some lines or the prop. Tried reaching them but they were a little to deep. Still a lot of stuff floating around. Hopefully be back out on Sunday weather permitting.


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