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Conesus 4/21

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Fished Conesus yesterday in the afternoon hopin to find some bass.

Hook up with this guy on the first cast.


Ended up being one of those days. Must have caught over 20 bass. None of them were hogs, but they were a lot of fun on light tackle. Most looked like this.


Was workin my way down the lake when things slowed a bit. Decided to troll for smallies back up to my spot.

While trolling offshore about 20 feet deep I hooked up big time. At first thought I snagged, but soon realized I had a big fish.

Get it up and it is the wrong kind :o


Took some really quick photos before releasin him (I had the camera in my lap). I say him because he spermed all over me.

Measured at 22'' which is my PB so far. Too bad I could not keep him!



These pics do not do justice. He was a nice fish.


He was back in the water after being out for maybe 30 seconds.

Decided I better not troll that lure anymore...

Went back shallow and got some more bass.

Called it a day early because I was more than satisfied.

If you want more details, PM me.


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very nice, gotta love those bass outa the yak. i also wrote a report from wednesday where i was fishing my fav. pond connected to lake O' only accesable via kayak and got some nice bass. its on the board called fishing reports (south shore)...

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it illegal to be targeting bass this early before the season opens? Even if you aren't keeping them, I believe it's still illegal to be targeting them before bass opens in June.

Personally, I'd be cautious posting a report with pictures stating that you were "hoping to find some bass..."

- Chris

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Good stuff Phil :clap: , I can't wait till June on this side of the big pond to start working the weeds.I've upgraded some of my equipment this winter.. for Bass ,Curado reels St.Croix rods and a new hummingbird 977 with look down and side scan. that going to help a lot for smallies,June can't come fast enough :)

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Yeah I know the regs. I aint dumb.

I wish I could afford some nice gear. Gettin pretty tired of my other reel makin noise as I wind.

Love one of my rods though. My brother made it for me. So sensitive.

That humminbird is ****in. I need to re-wire mine. I am not used to dealin with this damp air in my garage.

Maybe this year I will try the big lake for some bass. Have to hurry. Movin back to CA end of May.


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