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First LM Bass trip from the yak

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:The yellow yak




Date(s):wednesday april 21st

Time on Water:4-8 PM

Wind Speed/Direction:minimal from west

Waves: none

Location:my fav. pond




Total Hits:8+

Total Boated:none with teeth :lol:

Species Breakdown:5+ LM bass, 2 giant n nasty dogfish

Hot Lure:zoom 5" super fluke

Trolling Speed:none, casting

Boat Depth: 1-6 ft.

Lure Depth:6"-3ft




I managed to get the yak out wednesday with georgous weather and the lake and pond like glass. Fished the circumfrence of the pond, drifting and casting to the reed line as well as stumps, timber, ect. twitchin retreival produced some very nice LM bass, all 2-3 lb.+ with 2 dogfish (oversized carp with rows of huge and sharp teeth) taking the fluke. The fish seemed to be concentrated very close if not in the cover, often stacked up on points, broken reeds, or small coves/breakes on the weedline. Most of the bass shook off, jumped off, or ran into the heavy cover b/c of the light line i was using but put up good fights. I got 1 of the dogfish to the boat, easily 30 inches and 10-15 lbs. but had to break off due to teeth i dont wanna mess with in a yak. Most exciting hookup of the night happened after i tossed the fluke into some floating pond scum on the edge of a broken reed line where a huge bass created a nice wake and blew up on the fluke before spitting the hook. Even without boating it, it was the highlight of the night. Thursday was a little choppy and windy for the yak but i will be looking to head out friday afternoon. will post pics of what happens on the next kayak bass trip :)

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