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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:5:15-9 am

Weather/Temp:30 degrees at 5 am on my grand cherokee thermometer

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1-2

Surface Temp: 52

Location:oswego east to nuclear power plant





Total Hits: 7

Total Boated:7

Species Breakdown:Browns

Hot Lure: copper spoon with red feathers, black/silver rattling rogue

Trolling Speed: 2-3

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 8-20

Lure Depth:



started out approximately 5:15 am. Went east and trolled in front of the fort with no hits. Didn't waste time. Went directly to the nuclear power plant and hit within 3 minutes my first fish. Went on to catch 7 more. Released all of them ! My trip was planned for staurday also. no sleep in two days at this point already. figured I would go in and catch a nap. Got back to wrights and loaded my boat. Gave my wife a quick call and she told me she realizd my truck wasn;t shifting in drive after she already drove miles down rte 81 with it with the radio blasting. I immediately headed home before she did more damage. I got to her workplace just as she was getting out at 3:45 pm. I ended up driving my truck the back roads home at 20 mph. I think she ruined the tranny. i have to check it out better tomorrow and hopefully can fix it somehow. It doesn't pay to take the nicer vehicle fishing nd leave your wife with your truck ! I was looking ofrward to fishing tomorrow. this is the second time i found the lake pretty busy and found copper spoons with red or white feathers to work great. 7 landed on the copper and one landed on the rogue. I also ran a jointed rapale black/silver but no hits on that. Best of fising to all. No pics to post but most all fish were maybe 5-7 lbs. Nothing really big.


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