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Billy V Report - Wilson 4/24 w/pics

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We fished West of port in 50-180 FOW and put a beating on the Lakers and took a few Kings today as well. We got a late start after having the boat trailered to Wilson from Krenzer's in Sodus, but once we got out to 50 FOW the rods started popping with some chunky Lakers. Mostly a spoon bite (DW Green Alewife, Glow Corn were good), but we also took a few whacks on a Chartreuse Splatter Spinny/Sigg's Ghost fly combo fished off a wire diver out 140' on a #2 setting. 2.0-2.5 mph down speed on the new Cannon IntelliTroll (VERY nice by the way) was our best speed. We worked the inside water and played with the Lakers for a while, then decided to try out deeper for Kings. We found the Kings in 120-180 FOW and they came on riggers down 45 and 55, and also on a 10 color core. The DW Super Slim Glow Frog, Glow Corn, and SuperGlow Green Machine were all good. We didn't have a King bite on a Fly combo today. Once the East winds picked up it got pretty snotty and the bite shut down. We called it a day earlier than we had wanted to but we still accomplished our mission - Kings on the deck of the boat and lots of rods firing! Another week or so and it'll be on like Donkey Kong in Wilson!

Since there's been an awful lot of talk about them here I should also mention that we ran our new Daiwa Saltist reels today and were universally impressed. We got to play with a few really big Lakers on our wire diver reels and what few concerns I had over the reel being too fast were quickly put to rest. The reels are just awesome. That high gear ratio is going to be the new standard in trolling reels if I had to guess.

Here's a couple of pics from today:







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Nice Bill :yes: Those lakers are really a blast when they are willing. Had the same result out of the Oak a few weeks ago. watched them streaking in from all over to look at the wire and ball, then drop back and Wham!

Nice pics Bill 8)


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thanks for the pics! those are great. the new cannon down temp has me intrigued! Was this the first time you used it. how did you like the true depth feature. Was it different that what you would have figured with blow back? Battery life? anything i miss? guess not :lol: ... Thanks for the report!!!! :clap:

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We've used the IntelliTroll a few times now and are very impressed with it. The true depth feature is going to come in really handy as I'm at the wheel...no more asking Jay what depth the probe rigger is. We still haven't let out much more than 50' of cable and the difference in blowback has been nil since we run 16 lb balls. Battery life isn't going to be an issue with it...we had over 100 hours on our test unit last spring and the guys at cannon tell me that they got over 200 hours on theirs.

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