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"Eskimo Joe" on the Big O - part 2


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Was invited by Muskybob to join him and his friend Dennis for a morning of fishing Sat.

The previous day the fish had lockjaw :( Even so we headed out with high hopes :) .

Sunny skies and a calm lake didnt help but we ventured out never the less :)



After a few hours Eskimo Joe aka "mojo" took over the wheel , to direct us where the fish were. :)


and we were rewarded for our efforts :D , boxed these two beauties and dropped one.


Joeys first steelie!


The lockjaw continued for most but we had our mojo working for us :D

Special thanks to Musky for helping Joe box his first steelie and also for a great day of

fishing......GOOD FRIENDS and GOOD TIMES :yes:

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Vic what are you nuts letting him drive that boat :D :D :D

Glad you guys (or at least the Eskimo) found a few for you guys. Glad he got his mojo working after the tough day he had perching when he thought "I think I forgot how to catch fish" :lol:

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Yes, it was a pleasure to have the infamous Eskimo Joe onboard!!! The legend continued with "Dropsie" as Eskimo Joe boated 2 nice fish and Vic dropped one. :D It was a blast watching Joe bring in the fish and I can imagine the ribbing Vic got on the way home and when Mojo told his mother how he outfished Dad again. Nothing off the otter boats with stickbaits, all fish caught hit flatlined spoons in 8-10 fow. It sure was fun to have both you guys and Dennis aboard and I look forward to fishing with you all again. Fun times with fun friends, it don't get any better. Thanks again ;)




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