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Seneca 4/25


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Took 711skwerl and his dad out this morning. We launched out of severne around 6:30 with just a lite sprinkle. lake was calm all day. Went 8 for 12 all lakers. We lost a few good fish including one that did the tail wave before heading back down. Ran riggers 95' and wires out 250-275 over 100-150 fow. All fish came on SD and BW flies. Innovator, lemon lime protroll, and lemon ice were the hot Sd with Proctologist, Toxic waste, toxic shock were the best flies. Off the water by 1:00 The old man showed the young guys up today he didnt lose any of his fish and he let us know it :$ Today was not as bad as the weatherman forcasted was a pretty good morning. Be back out soon.





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