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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some help. I am making the nine hour drive (over 500 miles) to fish the Niagra Bar Thursday through Sunday. Can any one out there give me some up to date info for the area. I am not looking for exact spots but more of FOW, depth of temp, and maybe the depth you caught most of your fish at.

I thank everyone for there help. If you do not prefer to post the info you can e-mail me at [email protected] Please put Niagra Bar in the Re: so my wife does not delete the mail as junk.

Thank you again


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Us canucks are taking Kings out over 180-250 fow(west of the Bar),with the bigger Kings(20-22 lb avg) coming 100-120 ft down.

No specific pattern,one day it's a spoon bite,the next a fly bite.

Mix it up each day until you figure them out.


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Hey Richard,

Fished this morning in 180 - 220 FOW NE of the Red Can. Spoons worked for Coho, color didn't matter, I even caught a Coho on a MIAMI DOLPHIN!!!!

Kings came off Flashers / Flys with Green, Chrome, Mtn Dew flashers with any color variation green fly working. Had a MAJOR on the wire diver, ran out over 660' feet of wire before coming unglued, never even slowed down and came clear out of the water 2 times. I marked a bunch of fish in that NE area that you fished last year. Water was 47 - 48 degrees at 55' down.

See ya later this week

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Guest ReelDiel

with this crazy weather this year fish your finder and temp breaks, most of what i've been hearing is the same as posted above.

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