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About the weekend forecast and storms in spring.

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I'm just wondering what it is that they do.

Do these storms mix the different water layers and bring more fish closer to shore or do they do the opposite?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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35 to 45 mph winds make waves big waves that is the worst part of the forcast..and big waves will rock your boat even a big boat and sometimes spring stormes are fast moving (45 mph winds) and can rock a boat without warning but they would be good for windmills... :clap:

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Waves mix the water like this:


(waves moving to left)

Sometimes there's a 3rd level that spins the same way as the top level. The steeper the waves, the more turbulent the top layer.

The big problem with 4 ft'rs out there is that there are always a few 6 ft'rs mixed in. That's why 3 is about my limit.

High winds are great for turbines. At approx 40 mph, they have to shut them down or they'll generate too much for the grid and transmission lines to handle.

Tom B.


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