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Conesus Kayak Adventure with small tiger pics

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Went to Conesus lake this afternoon to take my buddy kayak fishin for the first time. Was a bit windy, but I had to try.

Launched out of the inlet and tried going in the main lake. Huge whitecaps, and chop made it almost impossible to navigate.


I was takin waves over my bow. Havn't been on water like that since my California Ocean days. It was a lot of fun gettin tossed around. Had I been by myself, I would have gone for it and found some shelter in the docks, but I was worried about my buddy. Did not want anything to happen to him.

So we fished the inlet for a bit and I caught a few small bass.


It calmed down a little bit and I noticed my friend had the kayak thing down so I decided to go for it. Of course we had all the right safety equip in case somethin went wrong. I managed a couple more bass, but nothin huge. I wanted my friend to catch a fish so I knew he would hook up by the docks, but he still has some learnin to do. Decided to paddle over the the north end flats and throw my giant rapala for some pike.

Got hit a few feet from my yak by this guy. Put up a great fight despite his small size.



Crazy that I am yet to land a pike at Conesus but have caught 2 tigers so far. Hopin I can get a nice pike before I return to CA at the end of May.

Wind picked up again and went back to the docks to get my buddy a bass and I caught this nice bass on the way over. It took so much force to gain headway with the wind that my paddle cracked.



And finally!


Wind died and it got really nice for a little while. Caught some more bass on the smaller rapala.


Would have fished later if it wasnt for the big thunderstorm that kicked us off. What an adventure!


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nice catch- there seems to be a good number of tigers that size from what i have seen. the north end is the place to be lately.

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Sorry to hear your leaving Phil. I have enjoyed your stories. Congrats!

Like wise.....good luck Phil on your quest in the west....keep us posted of your Cali adventures, Maybe Stan will be near you somewhere..Pollard Flat is a hoppin place I heard all because of Stan ;)


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Thanks for the well wishes dudes. It's been a blast out here. Stan likes to fish a lake that we used to visit every summer. My folks are goin there in July. Maybe I'll meet up with him.

Maybe I'll post up some of my future ocean kayaking fishin adventures in the pictures section if no one here gets mad... Here's my buddy with a pic of the fish I will be goin after.


Talk about a sleigh ride!

well phil sorry to hear that and sorry we never got out if you have time I start on days next week and I would be out by 4 if you wanted to hit the genny one last time we could be on the water by 5 :yes:

Heck yeah. Let's do it! Let me know and I can meet you at the launch.


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