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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: UpGrady




Date(s): 5/7

Time on Water: 6am-1pm

Weather/Temp: 40-50

Wind Speed/Direction: variable to NNE at 10

Waves: calm to 1'

Surface Temp: 44-47

Location: Forest Lawn





Total Hits: 7

Total Boated: 4

Species Breakdown: 2 Coho, 2 King

Hot Lure: Everything took a bite

Trolling Speed: 2.5

Down Speed: 2.5

Boat Depth: 90-220'

Lure Depth: surface to 100'




We spent most of our time and all but one bite came between 110 and 130 fow. Every setup took a bite. We had a steady pick until 9am when the wind died and so went the fishing. The NNE started up about 11am and the fishing never improved, but we went 4 for 5 up until 9am. Both kings were 16 and 18lbs and the 2 coho, plus we dumped another decent king. Wire divers with green spinnies/hammer flies at 150 and 220 had kings, 50' rigger took a king with 42 second spoon, 60' rigger and leadcore each took coho. Dumped a Steelhead off the surface.

Things will be very different tommorrow, but the screen was not looking too bad in that water this morning, but we were not able to catch up with them again afterthe morning bite.

Good luck to anyone making it the remainder of the weekend.

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I've been fishing the big lake for 3 years now and everytime I get out with Hans is a learning experience. I've heard other fishermen say their goal is to get every setup to fire and Friday was the first time I've seen it happen! Hans only switched up 1 rod and had confidence in the rest of the setup. Well it paid off as 1 by 1 they all fired.

Thanks again for getting me out Hans! It's always a blast!


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