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Questions about the Gennessee River and Honeoye Creek

Fishin With Phil

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Tryin to plan a kayak float trip. Last year I did a 10.5 mile, one-day trip and had a blast! This time, I wanna do a 2 day trip.

Here is the plan: floattrip.jpg

We would launch at Honeoye creek and take it to the G and head north. I'm thinkin we can camp along shore where Oatka Creek meets the G.

We would end day 2 where Black creek meets.

Here are my questions:

1.) Is it legal to pull up to the stream and camp? I talked to one old-timer who said it is state-owned land.

2.) Does anyone know a spot on the G where the bank is not too steep and muddy that would allow us to climb up it?

3.) Does anyone have a better idea?

4.) Is the river and creeks deep enough? I would assume yes.

5.) How far south can we launch into the G before it is too shallow and rapidy, in caseif we were to avoid Honeoye creek?

My kayak can store everything we need. I know the river is full of walleye and hopefully we can eat them for dinner.

Sounds like a cool trip huh?

Thanks for some info.


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There is a nice car top boat launch in Avon on 5 & 20 on the south side of the road just east of the river...the only thing i'm thinking is the way the river winds launching that far south might add quite a bit of time to your trip. I'm not really sure about the legality of camping along the river...there is a huge farm just north of the launch in Avon that owns a ton of land along the river and I know they can be a bit funny about people on there land. so if your going to camp probably the closer you get to Scottsville the better, I'm pretty sure that farm owns all the way into Rush. My buddy and I have been from the Black Creek launch all the way to the Oatka and there is plenty of water as far as from Avon North I don't think there are any rapids that would get you in trouble usually with the river as long as the water level is up wich it seems to be right now you shouldn't run into to many rapids if any. I gave my cousin a quick call he works for the DEC to find out about the camping thing...as soon as he calls me back I'll let you know what he says. Yes it sounds like a great trip!! My friend and I were fishing one night on the river parked underneath the bridge where the thruway crosses the river in Scottsville because it was raining cats and dogs and we picked a spot on the bridge cement and watched the water come up a foot in about 2 hours. We stayed dry and had catfish and walleye on the grill and fished all night till the next morning..that river is a blast.

Hope this helps.

Take Care,


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Thanks for the info Tcon!

Yeah, that launch in Avon might be a little far, but I'm guessing the water is movin along pretty good from there. If it is fast enough, it might not be that bad of a paddle to Oatka. I will have to take a drive and check it out.

Checkin in the google map, I see quite a few islands just inside Oatka. This would be a cool place to camp, as long as it isn't swampy. I'm guessing no one would even notice us there.

How high up is the bank in that stretch? Is it even possible to get on shore? I figure Oatka wouldn't be too steep.

Thanks for callin your cousin. I'm looking forward to his response.

Thanks again,


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