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Downriggers, planer mast, Garmin FF, Fish Hawk, misc

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I would like to sell the following items. I will get pics as soon as I can.


Both worked fine when I took them off the boat last summer and have been stored inside since. Power cords are the old style but appear to be still good, not cracked and peeling. Single rod holder on each.

Older Mag 10, extendable boom, short stop, cord for boat power. I have to look to see if I have a good base for it. $150

Older Marlin HP, 40" or so boom, short stop, new counter, cord for boat power, locking base. HP is in the model name, I do not know if it's any faster than the older Mag 10's. It will not be as fast as the new High Speed Cannons. $150

Dual Planer Mast:

Invader Downrigger Brand, dual reels, 6' tall, tow line looks good. Do not have the original base for it but have a pin setup so it mounts in a 3/4 inch pedestal seat base. $125


Garmin 320c, just took it off the boat in working condition. Everything included, transom mount transducer. $125


Fish Hawk:

Fish Hawk 840 head, power cord and transducer. No probe. Unit works, ran it with my new probe a few weeks ago. Transducer bracket has been broken on one side. It was broken when I got the boat last year and I have bolted a plexiglas plate to that side to hold it straight. The damage does not seem to affect its function. $150

I will probably have some round downrigger balls, Berkley 4 tube rod racks, a stern light plug and pole and some other miscellaneous stuff also.

Shipping is extra. I can meet from Utica to Syracuse during the week and Olcott on the weekends.


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I've had several inquiries on the riggers, I'll respond to them in order, please be patient.

Mag 10 rigger has no base, it must have been cracked and I got rid of it.

Fishfinder *Sold*

Planer mast, see description above



Fish Hawk 840 *Sold*



Two 6" Berts tracks, polished finish, endcaps and allen wrench for each, a couple marks from the accessory thumbscrews $20 each


Offset seat posts, 13" high 4" offset, new never used $25 each


Older electronics mount, swivels in 2 spots $20 *Sold*


Two Johnny Ray Swivel mounts JR-300 model, new never used $15 each



Stern/All around lights, 50" and 24" posts and socket $15


6-Switch fused panel, scratches where the mounting screws contact it, $15


Transducer mounting board, new in package with screws $10


Thanks for looking,

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All you have to do is buy the x4 probe and put batteries in it. They are compatible with the 840. Many guys just upgraded the probe and use their old display and transducer. If you type Fish Hawk in the search function for LOU (top of page) you will find all the info you will need. Here is the manufacturer's website, http://www.fishhawkelectronics.com/

A new x4 probe runs around $240 or so. I upgraded to the complete x4 system and this old unit did work with my new probe before I installed the new display and transducer. My old probe died last summer.


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