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Barney & Bears Results?

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Fishing just died for us around noon on Sunday but we kept trying until 2 or 230. This weekend was the worst fishing I've had all year on Cayuga...go figure!

I was glad to catch dbutts and Lil Jake on the radio. I guess my radio range is about 10 miles or so.

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Here are the Results:::::::::

Division A

Lake Trout

1 Nick Demuth 11.15

2 Jared Marion 10.6 LOU member

3 Andy Bartlett 10.5 1/2 LOU member

4 John Sacco 10.0 LOU member

5 Dave Kukella 9.14

Division B

Browns, Bows and Salmon

the following were all Browns

1 P.T. Merritt 10.9

2 Willie Durbin 10.6 1/2

3 Mike Tonzi 9.9 1/2

4 Charlie Bachenes 8.6 LOU member

5 Joel Pinker 8.0


1 Alex Bahar 7.0

2 J. Gould 4.7

3 Kim Havard 3.1

If any of the others are LOU members let me know and I'll add it to the post

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Nice job in the Derby Jared! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you at the awards presentation, maybe I'll see you on the water sometime. -Andy (Blue/White Starcraft Islander)

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