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furuno Fcv 620 fish finder

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How about the Humminbird 778? Anyone have this unit? It looks like this is a new unit from Humminbird. Just wondering how they will hold up. I've had so much transducer troubles with the Lowrance units, I'm ready for something else. Is the 778 the same thing as the 788 but w/o GPS? I've never been a Humminbird guy but the units I've seen them put out in the last few years look pretty good. Just would be nice to know how they work at picking trout off the bottom in 150 of water and how they hold up year to year. I like the looks of the Furuno too but more money, especially if I want a unit with GPS. Any thoughts?

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Do a search for Furuno 620 and you'll get a lot of good info. I bought one a couple years ago and have been satisfied with the unit. Has many features & capabilities that should make it as easy or custom as you would want. Book well written to help you through some of the more difficult custom settings. Tech support from the manufacture is second to none.

Screen shot of my unit.


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