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Date(s): 5/16

Time on Water: 6:00-10:00




Total Hits: 3

Total Boated: 1

Species Breakdown: 1 King

Boat Depth: 75-150

Lure Depth: 48




Took a quick run out of Fair Haven Sunday morning to make sure the boat and equipment were all functioning properly before we head to Olcott Friday. We marked alot of fish in the top 20 feet and alot of big marks down toward the bottom with the occassion mark around 50-60. Only being two of us on the boat we ran riggers and dipsys and targeted the deeper fish. We were rewarded with 1 king about 14 pounds on a green chip with a Siggs Rigs green hypnotist down 43. We had two others hits both on a white spinny with the glow ghost siggs rigs down 58.

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