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The Billy V is For Sale - Penn Yan 295 Prowler

Billy V

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Cigs, I do not appreciate your implication. Bargain is always to the Buyer. Further more as a business person who understands depreciation, I felt it was a fair question. I does not take a rocket scientist to figure out when you buy something and drive it off the lot - you just lost a ton of money.

As for the boat, my reason for inquiry was because I have been on the boat as a customer and it is an extremely clean boat, that Bill has maintained impeccably, and it does fish well. So I am familiar with the boat and yes it would be a welcome addition to my long list of toys. But the price has to right.

Bill sorry for the rant on this. In my defense, I have gotten to where I am by searching long and hard for great deals when time allows. My boat fishes great but an upgrade is not out of the question. I will not make any offers before I see you in the spring.

Tight Lines and we'll see you on the lake. (Hopefully soon if the water comes up).

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Mower, I didnt see in my post where I attacked you. So I will apologize if you were offended. Bargain is for the buyer ill agree. When you buy something used like this boat is, youre buying it at a fair market value. Depreciation does not occur instantly. If it was a new boat then yes I would agree with you. When you buy something brand new depreciation is immediate. You have your opinion and I can have mine. Good luck fishing this year!!

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:yes: adam2000

Well it is. I love the look of it. Look at the extras it comes with. Those cannon dual axis holders are 250 a piece.

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Asking price of boat is stripped. Everything else is extra money.

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There are great boats and there are great captains. Having fished with several great captains on Lake O, I must say that Bill is one of them. As you would expect, a great captain has great equipment, and Billy V is a great piece of equipment.

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