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Niag Bar 5-16 thru 5-24

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Another great trip out west this year. We were fortunate that wind and waves permitted us to fish each day. The trip did not start off with a bang. The first day we fished near the red can but didn't get a program going. Took a few smaller fish, lost one good rip. Surface temps were 46 degrees. The next few days we fished in Canadian waters as far west as 14 miles from the river and got into plenty of kings. Could not get my divers going and all the fish were taken on spoons off the riggers. After a good bite Sat morning in Canadian waters, things dried up for us and we trolled east towards the Bar. Our screen looked great and we had a good afternoon bite in the 130' range near the red can.

Sun, Mon, Tues, we had great fishing all around the bar and I had most of my program working except for my highest rigger. My center rigger was usually 90-95 down and had R&R grape/silver mupped the whole trip. That setup pulled up a ton of fish for us. R&R lemon/lime, blue/grape blk dots, and watermelon were also good on my next higher rigger which was usually at 70-80 down. Attomik's "Supercrazy" Spin Dr. with my "Killer" fly and the "Showtime" Spin Dr. with my "showtime" fly were good on the divers out 170'-220' on 2 settings.

Wed and Thurs were tougher days. Still hit double digits both days but only had a couple up to 17 lbs. On Thurs afternoon surface temps were 61 degrees and around 50 degrees at the ball 50 down.

Our highlight of the trip was a fat 27 lber that my Dad (the "Bull") hauled in on Monday. It came on the deep rigger with that hot,hot R&R grape/silver mupp rig.

Enjoyed talking with Erby Joe and Strike 3 during our trip.

Here's some pics:

"Strike 3" had a fun day


Erby Joe hooked up


The "Professor" hooked up.We were hooked up too.


Doug with a nice one


"Showtime" combo


Nice steelie


"Mess with the Bull and you'll get the horn!!" The 27 lber


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