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Quest for Pike cont. at Black Creek 5/21

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Continuing my quest for a decent pike before I return to CA the 31st, I decided to give Black Creek in Churchville a shot.

Paddled from Churchville park all the way to the bridge (don't know what road). Went over a couple trees in the kayak figurin no boats have been that far up.

Slow... Not a hit at all my spots. No signs of life. After a few hours, managed this guy... Not what I had in mind.


Then the bite started to pick up in the shallow, weedy coves. Got nailed a few times, but they wouldn't hook! I would see them slam it, but no stick.

I had a big trailer hook too, didn't get it. Started to get a little frustrated and worried I would come up short.

Finally as it was about time to leave, I tried my favorite little spot and sure enough got slammed!

Right away I knew he was hooked well and he stripped a whole lotta line and buried himself into some weeds.

Finnally ended up into the net!


Taped out at 24.5''. Not my biggest pike, but good enough. Sure enough, he was hooked on the trailer.


Never ate pike before. After some youtube studyin on the y bones, filleted him up relatively easily.

Boy was he good! mmm

Let's see if I can get a bigger one before I go.

Any idea why I had so many short strikers? Should I down-size the bait? Try a different color?


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Glad to hear your having some luck. I take it you bagged the overnight idea? As for so many no hookups could be anything might just be a murphys law thing...have you tried using a treble trailer? Well I hope you hook the monster your looking for. If we dont talk before you leave on the 31st take care have a safe trip home and keep in touch on the board.


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sounds like fun you got me thinking about it after you posted that post I cant really say we've slept over night but we've fished from 6pm to 6am before...lol we've caught monster catfish quite a few eyes most of the eyes are just keeper size we haven't landed any big ones but I know there in there...the catfish usually average about 6 to 7 pounds we've caught them as big as 12lbs , love fishing the river...even if you dont catch anything you usually see lots of wild life...well make sure you post if you make it on your adventure..take care,


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